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Airliners Classic Airliners Classic

The early airline industry owed its existence to WW 1 developments as many fledgling Airlines used converted military types for their first commercial routes. The early names all evolved from military manufacture such as Boeing, Bristol, Douglas, Vickers, Dornier, Fokker etc. Immediately post WW 2 the same conditions applied but the Manufacturers soon realised the potential for specialised designs to serve the requirements of the passenger industry so a world-wide industry soon grew up serving local and international operators.

Airliners Modern Airliners Modern

The introduction of the Jet Engine, with its remarkable reliability and safety record enabled Commercial Aviation to develop into the business we see today. The lessons learned from the early De Haviland Comet accidents paved the way for such great developments as Concorde and the Boeing 747 which, in particular, has shrunk the world and brought intercontinental travel to “every man”.A miracle the early pioneers could never have dreamed of. Man's First Flight was less than the length of a Boeing 747 fuselage!

Animals Animals

A selection of popular and collectible animal Jewellery and Accessories for Him and Her.

Between The Wars Military And Civil Between The Wars Military And Civil

A time when the lessons of war were applied to more peaceful aviation pursuits including the conquest of far continents, record breaking, a proliferation of experimental aircraft and the early evolution of the Airline industry. Military development continued but not at quite the frantic pace of wartime. However this period gave us some very pretty designs of all metal Fighters and a Bomber, which became the first aircraft to fly the Atlantic. The Schneider Trophy competition was to prove a vital element in our preparations for the coming war.

Business Aircraft Business Aircraft

Along side the main commercial designs the Manufacturers saw a market for compact business designs for use by large businesses and wealthy travellers not wanting to be bound by commercial timetables and airport restrictions. Designs from Hawker, Embraer, Lear, Bombardier, Dassault etc filled this important gap together with smaller versions of commercial aircraft from the Big Names.

Experimental, Missiles And Space Experimental, Missiles And Space

We would need a whole new factory if we were to model all the experimental aircraft that have been tested!! Starting from the beginnings of Lillenthale and the Wrights to today’s F23 and JSF ….Spacecraft would not be complete without The Space Shuttle and Ariane rocket whilst missiles cover early anti tank FITOW to today’s Cruise and Patriot…Watch out for the new generation of unmanned drones.

Helicopters Helicopters

A fascinating branch of aviation which has seen enormous refinement from the early “bone Shakers” to today’s refined smooth, fast commuters and sophisticated gun-ships. The Russians have a particularly extensive number of designs including the heaviest lift. But should the US Osprey V22 'converti-plane' be classed as a helicopter or Fixed wing aircraft?

Insignia Insignia

In this section we offer reproductions of several UK and US Aviation related insignia. Some designs were produced by us at the instigation of ex service personnel where official insignia did not exist, others are used to show a particular affinity of the wearer.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Have a look and find out!

Motoring Motoring

Enthusiastic motorists will love these popular motoring 'themes' including F1, Mini, Kart, Steering Wheel and more.

Origins To WW1 Origins To WW1

The most exciting period! The early pioneers of flight 'make history' in this remarkable age of development. The eventual evolvement from the frail flying machines of the Wrights and Codys to the more sinister fighting machines from the factories of Sopwith and Fokker, meant ' Aviation' had arrived to stay!

Post War Military 1946 Onwards European Post War Military 1946 Onwards European

During the early part of this period many European nations developed some form of aviation industry and a vast array of experimental and successful production aircraft were developed. However the escalating costs due to the ever increasing complexities of modern warfare have dictated more and more co-operative projects. This resulted in the disappearance of many well known names and the establishment of central multinational agencies, which tended to reduce the innovative developments of the past.The long term wisdom of this strategy in times of conflict may prove questionable!?

Post War Military 1946 Onwards Other Post War Military 1946 Onwards Other

Many nations have developed military aircraft projects but because of the escalating costs involved these are now mostly concerned with derivatives of existing designs or the less costly close attack and training aircraft. India, Brazil, Taiwan, Israel, Finland, Sweden, and Japan etc have all been involved.

Post War Military 1946 Onwards Russian Post War Military 1946 Onwards Russian

The Cold War period of Russian development was carried on behind closed doors so many of the experimental aircraft have only come to light following the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Many Russian aircraft appeared to be copies of Western designs but notably MIG and Sukohi produced some very remarkable, innovative and effective aircraft that are competitive with the Allies' best.

Post War Military 1946 Onwards USA Post War Military 1946 Onwards USA

This era covers an incredible period of innovation and development in every field of aviation, ranging from the late P51 Mustangs and F4U Corsairs through the everlasting F4 Phantom, the Legendary SR71 Black Bird to today’s F22 Raptor and Joint Strike Fighter.

Recreational And Training Recreational And Training

Many military training aircraft can also be classified in this section covering the ever popular Tiger Moth and Stearman through Piper Cubs, Cherokees, Pitts and Cessna to modern-day Rally’s, Grobs and Extras. This section covers aircraft most Pilots will encounter during their careers.

Sport Sport

A range of Jewellery and Accessories on a Sporting Theme including Glof and Rugby.

Tanks and Military Tanks and Military

A selection of Pin Badges and Keyrings of tanks and more.

Trains Trains

A new addition! For steam entusiasts everywhere - the record-breaking A4 Mallard.

WW2 Allies WW2 Allies

Almost unprepared, Britain entered the war with an Air Force of mostly outdated Biplanes and the embryo Fighter programme which produced the Spitfire, Hurricane and many, now familiar, names. The huge pace of development was to give us the Jet Engine by the end of the conflict. The USA waited to see what was going on in Europe and embarked on a vast development programme which produced some very advanced fighters and the famous long range daylight Bombers. Eventually this lead to the B29 and Atom Bomb.

WW2 Axis WW2 Axis

Germany was well prepared, having tested and developed its weaponry during the Spanish Civil War, where the Stuka Dive Bomber was developed to such deadly effect. Fokker and Messerschmidt had produced their formidable Fighters and Germany also produced Rockets, Missiles and also a Jet Engine. The other Axis Powers tended to produce 'look alike' copies of western designs but the Japanese Zero must go down in history as one of the most memorable aircraft of the Axis forces.