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The Clivedon Collection: Brands

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Airbus Airbus

Airbus was established in 1970 as a European consortium of aircraft manufacturers who realised co-operation was the only way to compete with the U.S giants. In 2002 Airbus formally became a single company, consolidating the co-operation of the different entities which goes back to the 1920s. Over these 30 years Airbus have created a complete range of aircraft from their first, the A300B, launched at 1969 Paris Airshow, able to carry 226 passengers to the A380 programme launched in December 2000. The Airbus A380 will be the most advanced, spacious and efficient airliner ever with 555 seats in a double-decker layout.

Boeing Boeing

The Boeing Company has been the premier manufacturer of commercial jetliners for more than 40 years and since the McDonnell Douglas merger in 1977 the combined company boasts a 70 year heritage of commercial aviation leadership. Boeing’s history mirrors that of the first 100 years of flight and now provides products and services to customers in 145 countries, employs 156,000 people in 70 countries and is a global market leader in military aircraft, satellites, missile defence, human space flight and launch systems. Today Boeing’s main commercial products are the 717, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 families and there are 13,000 commercial jetliners in service worldwide. Look out for the new Boeing 7E7 in 2008!

Mini Mini

The Mini was voted ‘Car of the 20th Century’ and is Britain’s best-selling car ever. When the Mini was launched in 1959 it defined a new genre of cars and is probably Britain’s most influential car ever. Designed by Alec Isogonics on the back of an envelope the Mini still has a passionate following over 40 years on. The Mini is synonymous with unparalleled road handling, cheap running costs, outstanding compact design and ‘great looks’!